The eighth generation of the Swiss National Circus Knie enchants the audience.

The love and fascination for horses are passed down from generation to generation in the Knie family. At the LOGINES CHI CLASSICS BASEL, experience the enchanting equestrian performances of the 8th generation of the Knie family, Ivan, Chanel and Maycol jun. As a special highlight, the carousel, which won an award at the Monte-Carlo Circus Festival, awaits you.

The 22-year-old Ivan Knie continues the tradition of his grandfather Fredy Knie Jr. and his mother Géraldine Knie and gets 30 noble horses to run against each other on three tracks and form a beautiful horse carousel. This requires a lot of patience, trust and an intensive relationship with the horses.

His sister Chanel Knie rides the beautiful white horse Laureus to a classic high school. Dancers from Circus Knie and other artists will also provide unforgettable moments full of artistry and acrobatics and show excerpts from the KNIE show.

It is also heart-warming when the only five-year-old Maycol Knie Jr. presents a “Big and Little” together with his brother Ivan. Together, Ivan, Chanel and Maycol Jr. are a true dream team and carry on the tradition of the Knie family with passion.


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