The world-famous Spanish Riding School as a guest in Basel

It sounds like a dream. But it is true. The world famous Spanish Riding School is coming from Vienna to Basel! In a 45-minute performance, the Ballet of the White Stallions will present the high school of classical horsemanship at the LONGINES CHI CLASSICS BASEL every day.

When the Lipizzaners seem to float over the ground, this is the result of many years of intensive work by horse and rider. With their elegance and harmony they conquer the hearts of the spectators. The spectacular jumps in hand or above the ground or the school quadrille performed with the utmost concentration impressively underline why the 456-year-old horsemanship of the Spanish Riding School from Vienna has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The extraordinary beauty of the high school of classical horsemanship of the riders and the 25 Lipizzaner stallions, harmoniously accompanied by classical music, make the show an unforgettable experience.