The Swiss dressage wants to show itself from the best side at the Basel premiere

Chef d’Equipe Ruth Haas is delighted that dressage has been included in the program for the first time in Basel and that the Swiss elite riders Estelle Wettstein, Gilles Ngovan and Carla Aeberhard will thus be given the opportunity to perform in front of a home audience among the world’s elite. „We have prepared ourselves in the best possible way for the premiere in Basel with targeted training sessions. Now it is a matter of delivering the best possible performance with respect, but courageously, at the Grand Prix on Saturday, presented by the Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois. So that, if possible, all three couples are also present on Sunday in the freestyle, for which only the 15 best qualify. We take this excellent opportunity and have invited all horse owners of our elite squad for Sunday to thank them for their support so far and hopefully also in the future. We are only too happy to show our potential in Basel, while also having fun and enjoying the very special performance in front of so many spectators.“