Spectacular Knie show with horses, acrobatics and artistry

In the daily show of the Swiss National Circus Knie, the eighth generation of the circus family with Ivan, Chanel and Maycol jun. enchant the audience with their incomparable equestrian performances. The 22-year-old Ivan Knie continues the tradition of his grandfather Fredy Knie Jr. and his mother Géraldine Knie and brings 28 noble stallions to run against each other on three tracks and form a beautiful horse carousel. This performance was honoured with the coveted Golden Clown award at the Monte-Carlo Circus Festival in 2020. At the age of twelve, Chanel Knie can already look back on ten years of experience in the circus ring and performs a classic high school on the beautiful grey horse Laureus. It is heart-warming when the five-year-old Maycol jun. presents a “Big and Small” together with his brother Ivan. In addition, acrobats on aerial straps – accompanied by sensual water effects – provide breathtaking, never-before-seen moments. The sensual act by the duo Flame and artists in LED costumes round off the unforgettable spectacle with a captivating symbiosis of light, music and dance.